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About Fair Hemp
Why Hemp?
 Using hemp makes our products even more environmentally friendly. The hemp plant is naturally resistant to pests and weeds, so the farmer does not need to dump toxic pesticides and herbicides on the land. Hemp also requires about 1/20th as much water to grow and process as cotton, and the hemp fiber is up to 4 times stronger than cotton. Fabric made from hemp naturally resists bacteria growth and filters harmful UV light. And thanks to new developments in preparing and finishing the fabric, hemp clothing is super soft and comfortable.

What is Fairly Traded?
  Adhering to fair trade principles ensures that the products we manufacture do not exploit workers; frequently underpaid, abused, and even underage. Workers are paid a fair wage, and child labor is never used. Instead of sweatshops, workers enjoy safe and healthy working conditions, and they benefit from equal opportunity employment. These same principles also protect the environment by promoting environmentally sustainable practices.

Why Organic Cotton?
  About 23 percent of the world's insecticides and more than 10 percent of the world's pesticides are used on conventional cotton. These synthetic fertilizers and chemicals contaminate soil and ground water. In contrast, certified organic cotton is grown without pesticides, insecticides or defoliants.
What is Fair Hemp?
 Fair Hemp is the idea that organic and recycled materials can replace conventional cotton and polyester at a competitive price. All without harming the workers who make our products. We can make a difference today by supporting this sustainable model. And by educating the consumer about the social and environmental benefits of Organic, Recycled and Fairly Traded products, we hope we can make an even bigger difference in the future.

What is Fair Hemp doing today?
  Our standard hemp t-shirts are blends of Hemp and Organic Cotton only. Reducing regular Cotton use by 55% in a t-shirt does not solve the problem of the heavy pesticide use or support organic agriculture. There's no reason to only go halfway and stop short of truly environmentally friendly products. We believe in the whole solution and it is inspiring to see just how many people agree.

 In addition to our line of hemp apparel we have developed a full line of sustainable accessories like the new hemp and recycled plastic tote bags, custom hemp and organic cotton wristbands and an extensive selection of premium hemp and organic cotton headwear. Full customization with short lead times is available on most lines.

 Fair Hemp has also taken the efficiency of our custom productions and re-invested that back into the environment. For every custom tote, custom t-shirt and/or custom hat you produce with Fair Hemp, we will plant 1 tree through our partnership with Trees for the Future at no additional cost to the customer. This will go a long way to offset the carbon released during the production and transportation of each tote and then some (to be on the safe side).

With Hemp blends perfected we have been hard at work developing fabrics from other eco-friendly fibres including organic wool, soy(limited), organic cotton and recycled plastics. These are currently available in custom productions.

Please Note: We do not work with Bamboo because after extensive testing it seems that it was never really "eco-friendly". It is a man made chemical fiber with many questionable claims (aka greenwash).

 Questions? Call us at +1 646-485-0939


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